Wrong Decision SMS on Life

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In life Should not take any hasty decisions. Decisions taken in haste can be wrong sometimes, a similar phenomenon has been on the SMS. After reading the real SMS you will be an emotional point.

In the last few days, Shroff Dulare has occurred two time heart attack. Doctors says that Shroff have deep fear on the mind. Doctor have advised that avoid them from stress. From the last many days he surrounds by stress. Exact on 12 o’clock bell of house rangs. Ram Dulare have asked “Who’s there ? Who’s there ?” but no answer. With lot of courage he opens the door, but in the out. I wish they leap out your down than street lights to stand old man Mangalu. He had been ill then Ramdulare have fired him.

Today is the tenth day of bell. Today Ramdulare have decided that if bell rings then he opens the door and shoot who rings the bell.

Exactly twelve o’clock – far in church make a rang of twelve o’clock. RamDulare is ready with gun. Bell Rings. Ramdulare stand-up. He open doors with fear and fires without thoughtlessly.

Someone Fell with a tremendous scream. Ramdulare had ran and seen the deceased. Then he sat down and shouts. Ramesh his only son was going to die. He was a returned from England night flight.

Ramdulare had a heart attack. The third attack was gives him die. Manglu is smiling under the streetlight.

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